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Curio and Company offers both Monthly and Bi-Monthly Flower Subscription Options!

Our Subscription arrangements are sure to delight, filled with fresh, vibrant flowers different every single time! In fact, I've never duplicated a design yet!

These are "arrangements" rather than bouquets - The part I love the most about doing my flowers, is designing the arrangements, admiring each individual flower and placing the flowers etc. and this is why I offer the subscriptions as an arrangement rather than a bouquet.

Please note; the size of the arrangement is not always relative to the price - Some flowers are much more expensive than others. Some are bigger and less expensive, some flowers are smaller and triple the price and will not last as long. It also depends on the season. Your arrangement will reflect the price of the flowers included in it, and will not be a standard size each time.


Your flower arrangement should last 5-7 days - however this is not a guarantee, Once the arrangement has been delivered, it is in your hands! Any flowers that are dead on arrival - please notify us within 3 hours of your delivery arrival and we will provide you with a credit (for that particular flower) not the entire arrangement.

If you ever need to change your delivery because of a vacation or want to gift your delivery to a friend, just let us know, we're happy to accommodate!

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